ReadmeName directive


This directive specifies what filename httpd should look for when indexing a directory, in order to add a paragraph of description to the end of the index it automatically generates. Generally these paragraphs are used to give a general overview of what's in a directory.


ReadmeName name

name is the name of the file httpd should look for when trying to find a description file. httpd will first look for name.html, and if found, will display the HTML inlined with its own index. If it finds name, it will include the file as plaintext.

Only one ReadmeName directive should appear in the configuration file.


If no ReadmeName is present, httpd assumes nothing.


ReadmeName README

When generating an index for the directory /foo, httpd will look for /foo/README.html, and will insert it if found. It will then look for /foo/README and insert it if found. If it finds nothing, it will include nothing.

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