AddIconByEncoding directive


Tells httpd what kind of an icon to show for a given filetype in a directory index.

You may wish to read the indexing tutorial for more information.


AddIconByEncoding icon name1 name2...

icon is a virtual path to an image file which should be shown for files which match the pattern of names. Alternatively, this can be a group of the format (alt,icon) where alt is the text tag given for an icon for non-graphical browsers, and icon is a virtual path.

name is a wildcard expression specifying the content-encoding for which to display this icon.

You may use as many AddIconByEncoding directives as you wish.


There are no default icons.


AddIconByEncoding /icons/compress.xbm x-compress

When httpd is indexing, if it finds a file compressed with the UNIX compress command, it will display /icons/compress.xbm.

AddIconByEncoding (CMP,/icons/compress.xbm) x-compress

Same as above, but the ALT tag would be CMP for these items.

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