AddIcon directive


Tells httpd what kind of an icon to show for a given filetype in a directory index.

You may wish to read the indexing tutorial for more information.


AddIcon icon name1 name2...

icon is a virtual path to an image file which should be shown for files which match the pattern of names. Alternatively, this can be a group of the format (alt,icon) where alt is the text tag given for an icon for non-graphical browsers, and icon is a virtual path.

name is either ^^DIRECTORY^^ for directories (or **DIRECTORY** for backward compatibility), ^^BLANKICON^^, specifying the blank icon used to format the list properly, a file extension (like .html), a partial filename, a wildcard expression, or a complete physical pathname.

You may use as many AddIcon directives as you wish.


There are no default icons.


AddIcon /icons/image.xbm .gif .jpg .xbm

When httpd is indexing and finds a file with the extension .gif, .jpg, or .xbm, it will reference /icons/image.xbm as an image to show next to the filename.

AddIcon /icons/dir.xbm ^^DIRECTORY^^

If a given directory entry is in fact a subdirectory, /icons/dir.xbm will be referenced as an image for that index entry.

AddIcon (SND,/icons/sound.xbm) *.au

This would reference /icons/sound.xbm as the image to show next to any sound file, with the textual ALT tag of SND for non-image clients.

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