Access Configuration


When creating a document tree, NCSA httpd allows you to control certain aspects of the branches (directories) of that tree.

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Please read this tutorial on setting up a secure server.

Marc has written a quick overview of setting up user authentication, which you may find helpful.

You will also want to know how to manage users for user authentication.


There are two methods for controlling access to directories.


In addition to the general information which applies to all NCSA httpd configuration files, the access control files support the notion of sectioning directives.

This is a list of the directives and sectioning directives used when writing an ACF. Each directive specifies where it can be used, and gives examples of usage.

Example Configuration Files

For the security demo, I used this Global access configuration file.

The same effect could be achieved by taking everything within each Directory section, and placing the directives in a ACF in each particular directory.

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