Upgrading NCSA httpd

httpd 1.3R -> httpd 1.4

The primary focus of release 1.4 of the NCSA httpd server is to improve performance.

Changes from httpd 1.3R

httpd 1.3 -> httpd 1.3R

Fixed the vulnerablity described in Cert Advisory CA-95:04. For more information, please read the description.

httpd 1.2 -> httpd 1.3

httpd 1.3 is a maintenance release designed to fix some of the bugs which were introduced in httpd 1.2.

Changes from httpd 1.2

httpd 1.1 -> httpd 1.2

httpd 1.2 makes some significant changes over httpd 1.1. These changes make its "look and feel" a bit different than 1.1.

New features

Bug fixes

All of the known bugs in 1.1 have now been fixed. Now it's time to find the ones I introduce with 1.2.

httpd 1.0 -> httpd 1.1

httpd 1.1 should plug right in if you already have httpd 1.0.

httpd 1.0a5 -> httpd1.0

httpd 1.0 is fairly similar to httpd 1.0a5.

Changes which directly require configuration changes

Other changes

httpd 1.0a4 -> httpd 1.0a5

httpd 1.0a3 -> httpd 1.0a4

httpd 1.0a2 -> httpd 1.0a3

httpd 1.0a1 -> httpd 1.0a2

httpd 0.5 -> httpd 1.0a1

httpd 0.4beta -> httpd 0.5

httpd 0.3beta -> httpd 0.4beta

httpd 0.2beta -> httpd 0.3beta

httpd 0.2beta

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