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Indeo Video Interactive

General Information
Indeo Video Interactive (IVI) is a very high-quality, wavelet-based codec. It provides excellent image quality, but requires a high-end Pentium for playback. IVI is an entirely different technology from Indeo 3.

IVI provides a range of interactive features which go beyond the traditional services provided by codecs. These include chromakeyed transparency, and hot spot support.
There are currently two main versions of IVI. Version 4 is included in QuickTime 3 for Windows; Version 5 is for DirectShow only. Neither version currently runs on the Macintosh, so any files encoded with IVI will not work cross-platform. Version 5 is very similar to 4, but uses an improved wavelet algorithm for better compression.

Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • Excellent image quality.

  • Requires high-end Pentium for playback.
  • Does not provide a cross-platform solution.

Ideal source material Video
Supported bit depths 16-bit color
Compression time Slow, but includes Quick Compressor for previews
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features Interactive features
Progressive Download
Encoder requirements Pentium
Decoder requirements Pentium
Encoder availability Available from Intel
Decoder availability Freely distributable for DirectShow/AVI
included in QuickTime for Windows 3
Algorithm Wavelet
Manufacturer Intel

If you have any comments or tips & tricks to share about Indeo, please contact us at info@terran-int.com.

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