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160x120, 15fps, 7.5KBps
You must install the ClearVideo decoder to view this movie.

General Information

ClearVideo -- also known as RealVideo (Fractal) -- is made by Iterated Systems, based on their patented fractal technology. It is optimized for low data rate movies over the WWW. It is best suited to material with fairly low motion.

This codec is essentially discontinued at this point; the ClearVideo encoder is no longer sold.
Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • well suited to WWW video and corporate LAN/WAN applications.
  • for RealMedia: often produces higher quality than RealVideo (Standard) above 3KBps; works on somewhat lower-end Pentiums than RealMedia (Standard).

  • Discontinued & unavailable for individual purchase
  • The QuickTime version requires the user to install the codec seperately, and is not compatible with QuickTime 3 for Windows
  • ClearVideo requires at least a midrange Pentium or PowerMac for playback.
Note: Progressive's free RealVideo encoder includes a demo version of the Fractal codec, which is a version of Iterated's ClearVideo. If you wish to use the Fractal codec for data rates above 5 KBytes/second with RealVideo, you must purchase Iterated's ClearVideo codec; the demo version will watermark movies at data rates higher than 5 KBytes/second.

Ideal source material Video with relatively low motion, around 3-30KBytes/s
Supported bit depths 32-bit color
Compression time About 4x as slow as Cinepak
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features -
Encoder requirements PowerMac, Pentium
Decoder requirements PowerMac, Pentium
Encoder availability No longer sold individually
Decoder availability RealMedia: built-in
QT: Freely available from Iterated
Algorithm Fractal
Manufacturer Iterated Systems, Inc.

If you have any comments or tips & tricks to share about ClearVideo, please contact us at info@terran-int.com.

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