The Computer Graphics Facility of the University of Oviedo (SCIGUO) is communicated with every Campus and Investigation's Centers of Principado de Asturias by dedicated lines and lines of Red Conmutada de Telefónica (RTC). Through RedIRIS, the SCIGUO is communicated to national & international Scientist Communities.


The main objetive is helping ETSIMO in particular and the University Of Oviedo in general, not only with their computational problems but also with their graphical projects. The service is responsible of the processing and final printing of the images used by them.

Structure of Service

The SCIGUO depends on the Vicerectorado of Investigación according to the Computer Graphics Facility to the different investigators. It has a component that is self-financed by users around the 50%.


The SCIGUO has a personal structure formed by a Director and four basic areas: The administration is centralized in the services of the University of Oviedo.

Installed Hardware

The infrastructure of data processing of SCIGUO is composed by:
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