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1.0 General FAQ and Newsgroup Information

This section provides a general overview of comp.text.pdf, Usenet, and several other methods of getting information on Adobe and Acrobat.

1.1 What is this FAQ for?

To inform, educate, enlighten, etc. Basically it is for new users and veterans who have specific questions about Acrobat and the PDF format.

PDF is a file format whose specification is freely available. It was created by Adobe Systems, Inc., and this FAQ will mix information on specific Adobe products for dealing with PDF documents, with information on non-Adobe products (both commercial and free, stand-alone and plug-in), and withinformation on PDF itself. No product endorsement is intended.

1.2 Who are the contributors?

So far, the contributors are:

  1. Brian Sobus - Author of this document and VP, Engineering for VerTec Solutions, Inc.
  2. Aandi Inston - Contributor, frequent poster, and SysOp of the Adobe CompuServe forum.
  3. Tony Chang - Capture officiando, and VP, R&D for VerTec Solutions, Inc.

1.3 How do I search this document?

That really depends on what viewer you are using and what format you found this document in. In general, the document will be available in HTML,text, and PDF. Almost all applications have an Edit|Find command.

1.4 What is comp.text.pdf for?

comp.text.pdf is for the discussion of PDF related issues concerning document creation, viewing, and distribution.

1.5 What are the differences between the two AdobeCompuServe forums?

The Adobe Applications forum is for the discussion of issues about usingAdobe products, and the Adobe Systems forum is for the discussion of issuesabout building products, plug-ins, etc. using Adobe technology. Additionally, the Systems Forum has an area for Adobe Home products.

1.6 Caveats on the answers contained in thisdocument.

BTW, in case you did not realize, the author(s) and contributor(s) makeno guarantee either expressed or implied that the answers to these questionsare 100% correct. Not that we don't try though.

1.7 What types of services can I use to getinformation on Acrobat?

There are several on-line services which can assist you in garneringmore information on Acrobat. Additionally, a more traditional means, thetelephone, is available and can be used to contact Adobe Support, Sales,and Main Desk.

1.7.1 Usenet

Perhaps one of the best ways to get more information on Adobe, get your questions answered, and/or keep up with the latest information is comp.text.pdf. Discussions are updated sporadically. A quick word on "netiquette".

Although, we've discussed what comp.text.pdf is, but we have not discussedhow to post to a newsgroup. If you don't know how to post, or if you do, but have no idea what "netiquette" is, please go to news:news.newusers.While there, please peruse the documents on posting and the proper behavior in doing so.

1.7.2 CompuServe

For those of you with CompuServe access, CompuServe, as mentioned above, has several forums on Adobe software and Adobe Acrobat. The best way toget to all of the groups is to GO ADOBE. Discussions are updated frequently.Also, GO ZZZZ will take you to the VerTec Solutions, Inc. forum. (Section15)

1.7.3 Mailing Lists

So far there are two mailing lists available on Acrobat: ACROBAT-L and PDF-L. Both can be suscribed via the web: ACROBAT-L ( and PDF-L ( Additonally, there is the CAPTURE-L list which can be subscribed to via

1.7.4 World Wide Web Sites

There are several sites that have information on Acrobat or use Acrobattechnology. The following is the short list:

  1. Adobe Systems, Inc.
  2. VerTec Solutions, Inc., especially (
  3. Emerge
  4. BlueWorld

1.8 Where are FAQs archived?

Most FAQs are archive at are storedin their respective "newsgroup" directory.

1.9 Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?

You can always find the latest text version of this FAQ on comp.text.pdf.The text version can be found along with a PDF version on CompuServe'sAdobe and VerTec forums. Additionally, the FAQ will also be located on in HTML, PDF, and text.

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