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-Section 8-

8.0 What is Acrobat Search?

Acrobat Search is a plug-in which interacts with indexes generated byAcrobat Catalog to find search terms.

8.1 I performed a search, now how do I narrow it?

After your initial search, open the query window. Enter your additionalsearch terms. Hold down the Control (Option) key and click Refine.

8.2 How do I search on the Document Info fields?

Go to the Query Dialog preferences menu. In it you can select tohide/show the document info fields, as well as the creation/modificationdate.

Alternatively, you can use the following with the standard query dialog and achieve the same result: To search a field in the PDF's doc info section, enter "Field Name" "operator" "field value". For instance, Title ~ FAQ would yield all documents whose Title field contained the word FAQ. Valid operators are:

= equal to

!= not equal

> greater than

>= greater than or equal to

< less than

<= less than or equal to

~ contains

Options can also be specified in your query (/"option"):

/st stemming

/so sounds like

/th thesaurus

/ca case sensitive

/pr proximity

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