MM(1L)								      MM(1L)
				21 April 1993

      mm - mirror master

      mm [flags] [package-files]

      mm is the	mirror master.	It runs	multiple calls to mirror in parallel
      and handles locking and minimal retry times.  As with mirror, mm is a
      package written in Perl.	mm presumes that all the package details are
      stored in	a directory called packages.  All the packages for a given
      site must	be in a	file whose name	is the same as that of the site.  So
      in packages/ will be all the package details for the

      -t   Ignore the minimal retry timers.

      -o site:package
	   Only	mirror the given site:package.

	   Enable debugging.  If this argument is given	more than once the
	   debugging level will	increase.  Currently the maximum useful
	   level is four.

      -s   Enable status debugging.  This will print out the status of any
	   subprocess as it is spawned or as it	exits.

      The configuration	file is	parsed as a series of statements.  Blank
      lines and	lines beginning	with a hash are	ignored.  There	are are	two
      kinds of statements, controls and	site:package details.  Control
      statements are of	the form:
      You can add whitespace around the	equals.	 Here is a list	of the
      keywords and their values, any defaults are given	inside square

      home	     Directory that mm chdirs to before	doing any work.

      max	     Maximum number of mirrors that can	be running in
		     parallel at any one time

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