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10 Glossary


Application Programming Interface: a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.


Command Line Interface, a program that will accept and execute typed in commands. See also "Conventions" on page 11.


A program that runs locally on a host and exchanges data with a server program.

Device description file

here: A file specifying the properties of a device (e. g., a jukebox) controlled by iXOS-JUKEMAN. The file contains the device type, the drives and the slots to be used. The extension of these files is .dev and they are located in the JUKEMAN directory.


Graphical User Interface. A program interface that takes advantage of the computer's graphics capabilities to make the program easier to use. Well-designed graphical user interfaces can free the user from learning complex command languages. See also "Conventions" on page 11.

High Sierra

File format for à ISO 9660-conforming CD-ROMs.


Incremental File System. A procedure used by iXOS-JUKEMAN to write optical disks trackwise. Using the IFS files can be copied, moved, or deleted from disks in the usual way.


An inode is a data structure storing file properties. Each file has an inode, describing properties such as the physical position of the file on a disk. By default an inode occupies 2048 bytes.

ISO 9660

A file system standard, defining the hierarchical directory structure for CD-ROMs (also known as High Sierra agreement). ISO stands for International Standard Organisation.


File system format based on à ISO 9660. The Joliet format offers special extensions such as Unicode.

JUKEMAN directory

The directory in which iXOS-JUKEMAN is installed.


Logical Unit Number: A subunit of a SCSI ID. A SCSI ID can have up to 8 LUNs.


Magneto-Optical: Rewriteable magneto-optical disk.


Network File System: Developed by Sun to allow computers to access files over a network as if they were on local disks; now public domain, a de-facto standard. iXOS-JUKEMAN supports NFS protocol version 2.


Phase change Dual: Optical rewritable disk.


here: A mechanism moving the disks of a jukebox to the drives.

Rock Ridge

File system extensions based on ISO 9660 to represent UNIX file names in ISO 9660. These extension can also contains file owner and permissions.


Small Computers System Interface: SCSI is a parallel interface ANSI standard for attaching peripheral devices to computers.


Unique ID of a SCSI device.


Write Once, Read Many: Writeable optical disk that can be written once.

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