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The HotJava Browser

version 1.0 alpha3

HotJava(tm) is a modular, applet-aware, extensible World-Wide Web browser written entirely in the Java programming languge. The primary goal of this alpha release was to demonstrate the concept of executable content (see the Cool Applets page). It is not intended to have the full functionality of a finished commercial product.

However, please note that there are significant changes to the Beta release of the language; Beta applets can't be viewed with this browser, and neither the Beta Java Developer's Kit appletviewer nor the Java-enabled 2.0 release of the Netscape Navigator can view the Alpha applets displayed by HotJava.

Download a copy for
SPARC/Solaris 2.[3,4,5] using these instructions
X86/Windows [95.NT] using these instructions
and try it out!

Note: These are the only currently-supported platforms; No, there isn't a Microsoft Windows 3.x version, and no, there isn't a Macintosh version yet.

Documentation for HotJava Users

The HotJava User's Guide
Detailed instructions on the unique features of the HotJava Browser.
The HotJava Manual Page ( Unix man format )
How to invoke HotJava once you have it installed.
HotJava Overview
(in HTML or in PostScript)
Definitions for terms used to describe componenets of Java and HotJava.

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