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Animations For You to Use

Animations to Go!

The following animations are available for use AS IS. These are not public domain, so they cannot be sold. Each contain an embedded comment block citing me as the author. They will display well in non-animating browsers, regardless if that browser displays first or last image. They are all looping, but none loop infinitely, making them friendlier. They contain proper timings to keep them from running too fast or being CPU hogs. They all (unless noted) use a single global palette saving space.

To grab a graphic(with your browser, such as Navigator or Explorer), RIGHT-click on the animation with your mouse, and choose to SAVE AS. Place the file somewhere on your hard drive.

To use the animation, upload the graphic to your web space (don't ask me how-I'm not your Web page provider). Use an <IMG> tag to reference the image as you would a simple GIF.

Usable GIF89a Animation by Royal E. Frazier Jr.

EMAILED.GIF: 15,337 bytes, 45 by 52
55 frames; 7 second pause. Letter is signed by a hand that vanishes. Letter folds and flies into an envelope, envelops spins to reveal stamp and address. Reduction to a 2 bit color image would save a few K.
RECYCLE.GIF: 4,745 bytes, 79 by 77
Four frames spaced out over 14 seconds. The RECYCLE sysmbol is displayed for 6 seconds, then the words REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE ar each displayed for 3 seconds superimposed over the symbol. Color reduction could save a little, but its fairly small as is.
STARROLL.GIF: 8,086 bytes, 59 by 59
25 frames of animation. Blue star spins 360 degrees. No pauses in this one. Color rediction to 2 bit could save some.
SUNGLASS.GIF: 43,828, 192 by 103
19 frames; 2 second pause at each end of wiper stroke. File is a bit big, but nice color quality. Set of tortoise shell sunglasses with wipers clearing the lenses. Using a global palette would reduce this by another 10k, but the tools I use dithered the image badly. The images could be reduced to 32 or 64 color(5/6 bit) for another 6-9K reduction. I thought I was doing this but a bug in LViewPro1.b wouldn't save the 32 color version.
WAVPLAY.GIF: 12,536 bytes, 84 by 78
A dozen frames. Colorful notes float out of pumping speaker. Ideal for a WAV/AU download button. Again, color reduction may save 2 or 3K.
BIT0.GIF & BIT1.GIF: 285 bytes each, 27 by 32
Two frames each. Alternating 0 and 1. Nice Bit display when multiple used. Bit0 show 0 first, Bit1 shows 1 first.
GUESTBK.GIF: 117,249 bytes, 203 by 186
Large Guestbook. Pen writes a name into the book lays next to open book, then flies up back into place (writing vanishes) and begins again.
MIRROR.GIF: 13,905 bytes, 108 by 110
Simple Circular Mirror spinning.

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Last Updated: November 1996
Copyright 1996 Royal E. Frazier Jr.