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Submitting an Animation to the Gallery

Due to the popularity of the Gallery, The daily submissions overwhelmed me in four short months. It's original purpose was to demonstrate and encourage the use of GIF89a as an animation format. GIF Animation needs no such encouragement. Consequently, I have restructured the Gallery to accomplish new tasks.

The Exhibition is reserved for examples that demonstrate the strengths and abilities of the GIF89a animation format. The Exhibition room is by invite only, no public submissions will be taken.

The Expo is a open house of GIF Animations. Individual animations are submitted with a link to the submitter, author, and originating site. They are sorted by visual characteristics. Visitors may browse for animations, email the author for permission to use them, or visit the sites.

Since this is a private Web I can't guarantee anything. SPAM entries (30,40,50 or more) from a single site aren't appreciated (unless the images are very useful and free). Really, really pathethic submissions will be removed to make room for new ones. here are some guidelines:

  • GIF89a animation only, in self-contained GIF files
  • Your GIF must already be on the net, no GIFs taken or stored
  • Amateur submissions are ALWAYS welcome
  • Unless there useful AND free, don't submit every GIF you have. Submit your best, ones people will be interested in using.
  • Sites with large GIF COLLECTIONS should be registered under the COLLECTIONS CATEGORY, post your best.
  • Do NOT submit the same image to multiple categories
  • Obscene, objectionable, or unreachable animations may be removed to make room for others
  • Entries without Valid Email contacts will be removed
  • You may skip Artist/Artist Email only if they are Public Domain images
  • Be very exact on the RIghts to Use
  • NO HTML CODE allowed in the entry. It will be stripped out.
  • Fill out the form as completeley as possible, you won't get an opportunity to revise it.
  • What You Should Have

    Have the following information ready:

  • URL of the GIF file(ONLY! the GIF) and another URL for the site
  • EMAIL addresses for you and maybe the artist
  • know the ownership rights of the images

    It is also nice to know...

  • Size in bytes of the files, number of frames, color level, loop info
  • software used to create image and animation
  • Country of submission

    Pick a Visual Category

    DO NOT CATEGORIZE IMAGES BY THE SUBJECT OF YOUR SITE! Select a category that best describes what the animation represents. This is an animation gallery, not a Web Site gallery. People looking in the Corporate topic are looking for animations that might be used for a corporate, business, office web page. Putting a dog animation for your veternarian business isn't appropriate.

    NOTE: All Submission form are located on the primary site in the U.S.A If you are on a mirror site you will need to use the BACK button to navigate back here after submitting.

    Suggest a new Category!

    Advertising images are product/company specific, ad banners
    Animal furry, scaly, or otherwise
    Bizarre too strange to fit in any classification
    Cartoon cartoon-styled characters, classical character animations
    Collections of GIFs(100 or more) Sites that have lots of GIFs available may want to submit several
    Computers & Games PCs, Macs, Amigas, chips, disks, software, bits and bytes. From Pong to Mortal Kombat & Jacks to Monopoly
    Cultural, National, Political, or Religious all that stuff people feel strongly about
    Entertainment, Arts, Music & Literature movies, music, TV, books
    Festive/Holiday all the holidays
    Fun, Cool and Hip whatever's kewl, trendy, chic, gnarly...
    Graphic Artists (professionals) artists can hang their Mona Lisas for others to discover
    Medievil & Gothic Castles, torches, dragons, swords, blood and vampires
    Multiple GIF presentations A set of GIFs that are meaningful ONLY when put together (set of interacting GIFs, mosaic walls, etc)
    People general people doing things
    Plants leafy, prickly, flowery, green things and the environment
    Sports all of them
    Teaching & Instructions animations that teach, explain, show examples
    Theme-based Set A small collection of GIFs that have a consistent topical or visual theme
    Titles/Logos logos, title animations
    Transportation just about anything mechanical that moves
    Web Site Designers (professional) Show people how well you do what you do
    WWW Basic Decorations Buttons, Bullets, Horizontal Rules, the basic decorative bits
    WWW Page Graphics email, back, new, welcome, enter, leave, goto, etc.

    Last Updated: November 1996
    Copyright 1996 Royal E. Frazier Jr.