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March 2002 -

HalfLife Mapping

For relaxation I play around with building maps for Half-Life. Up to now I've never completed and they are mostly for my own amusement. You can take a look here or if AOL is slow over at Netcom.

Making GIF89a Animations on the WWW

This is the home of the site mentioned in magazines and books when it first leaked the information about GIF animation. Find out everything you need to know about how to do GIF Animations. The Software Toolbox is old as all hell and should be ignored. It is dated with 1997 sofwtare packages. I doubt I will update this site again. Most likely I will simply prune it down to still relevant information.


I converted an old 1997 GEDCOM file to a Web site. I have to overhaul this section, but I don't see it happening soon. Frame structure isn't working, links missing and the pages need to be cleaned up. You can traverse the entire tree of my research from 1700's to 1997. I am researching FRAZIER(FRASER), BATISTA, KNAPICK, ORCUTT and more.

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