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The GIF89a Animation Tutorial is long, over 35 printed pages. Over a megabyte of data is online with over 80k of text alone. Without a text search utility this can make it difficult for people who want an answer to a single question.

I have made a list of common questions with links to the answers in the tutorial. In addition, I have listed the related newsgroups I frequent. For corrections, additions and comments just keep reading.

If you have a site pointing to this tutorial, please direct them to "" This is the only permanent location for the tutorial. All others are mirror sites which I have less-to-no control over. Several have been discontinued. The AOL site is also the first one to be updated. You can also point it to the list of mirror sites, both up and planned, which is at

Thanks to a few individuals on the net, the site has been translated into some foreign languages; German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. If reading in that language would be helpful, please check the list of mirror sites.

Common Questions

Click on a question for it's answer.

How can a make an animation? I don't know where to start.

I have all the GIF files, how do I get them together for an animation?

What software is available for Windows, MAC, or Unix?

Can't get through to download software?

How can I loop an animation?

I want the technical details of the GIF files to write my own program.

I found a bug!

This doesn't work right, what can I do?

My animations take a long time to download.

The page takes forever to load.

I got a GPF (General Protection Fault)

My transparent animations aren't working.

I can't print!

How do I code the animation into my Web pages?

Can I start and stop Animations? Use User Input? Removal By Previous Image? Put Animation as the background tile? NO.

Also check out the TOP TEN page for GIF Animation problems.


Please post questions about how to create these types of animations and graphics to comp.infosystems.www.authoring.images so others can benefit from the discussion. I will answer any posts there that I can, letting many read and benefit from the information. Discussions have been occuring there in recent weeks. Posting in a newsgroup allows others to contribute to the discussions. Other people really do know about this, really!

Before you post read the .images newsgroup. Your question may have been answered already. When you post, post an URL where people can look at your animation on a page for testing. Include type of computer (MAC, Win, WIn95, Unix, Amiga, OS2), what software, the version number, and a good detailed description of the problem or question. Mention GIF Animation in the subject to attract the attention of those of us scanning for animation questions.

If you have a question or comment about anything other than composing and animating images post in comp.infosystems.www.misc or one of the other pertinent newsgroups. POST IN THE CORRECT GROUP! Postings in the wrong group or cross-posting, wastes bandwidth and time. You may also be getting answers from people who know nothing about the subject (since you chose the wrong subject to post in.) The (*) indicates a Usenet newsgroup that I read & post.

Submitting a Page to the Gallery

The 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation has re-opened. The Expo accepts public submissions. Check it out.

Submitting Information to the Site

The GIF Animation on the WWW site has been contributed to greatly by many individuals. Please send me email if...
  • if you found a compliant Web Broswer that views animated GIFs.
  • have written/found software that you created a GIF animation with and it is not
  • found an error on one of my pages
  • you have information that you think should be added to the Site's pages and tutorial listed in the Software Toolbox.

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    E-mailing Questions

    If you can't post your question to a newsgroup or have an urgent need, then mail diretly to me and I will answer back as quickly as possible. The answer to almost every question I have receievd was on the Web pages already.

    Send an URL (i.e. where I can look at your animation. No need to attach the animation, I don't download attached files unless I really have to. Include type of computer (MAC, Win, Unix), what software you used to create the animated file, the version number, and a good detailed description of the problem or question. If you haven't created an animated GIF file yet, you should look above in the Common Questions.

    One last thing... Constantly, I send a reply to someone and it bounces back undeliverable. Your browser must have your correct email address, let me say that one more time, your CORRECT E-Mail address in the Reply-To field. This is normally set in the Options/Preferences menu under Mail. If you don't set this properly, you will NEVER get an answer from me or most people you mail to. Do people see unresponsive to your email? Try this...send someone you know mail, and ask them to REPLY TO when they get it. They SHOULDN"T TYPE YOUR ADDRESS. See if they can use a REPLY TO to get mail to you. Every week someone's question goes unanswered cause they don't have an email address I can send to.

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