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Thanks! to all the mirror site providers for the space and bandwidth to my pages. Special thanks to those who have spent personal time translating the site into other languages. All of these mirrors have been donated. If you find this site useful, don't forget to thank the mirror provider. They are making it possible for the pages reaching so many, so far.

- Royal Frazier

Vienna, Virginia, USA - The Home Site; my personal account on America OnLine. The service is fast and dependable. These pages are updated directly by me. Most mirrors are not often updated.

* NEW sites - may not be ready or translated fully

North America
Florida -courtesy of Cybernet International
California -courtesy of Balthasar T. Indermuehle (T3 link)
South America
* BELGIUM - A FRENCH! translation by Daniel Gobin
* FRANCE - A FRENCH! translation by Eric Ragone
GERMANY - A GERMAN! translation by Don Zampano
ITALY - courtesy of Video Online!
ITALY - An ITALIAN! translation by Vanni Pancaldi
SPAIN - courtesy of the School of Mines, University of Oviedo (Updated automatically!)
SPAIN - A SPANISH! translation by Antonio Garcia
* SLOVENIA - courtesy of Peter Berc
UNITED KINGDOM - courtesy of
Johannesberg, SOUTH AFRICA - courtesy of WebCo
JAPAN - A JAPANESE! translation by Takaaki Haruna

Please contact me if you wish to sponsor a mirror. The GIF Animation on the WWW Site is less than 2 Megs in size. Mirrors should copy the files of the home site directory automatically on a timed basis (once a week or once a night).

Last Updated: June 1996
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