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Finding What You Need

The site is big so here's a rundown on what's available and maybe where you should go> the big blue arrows will always bring you back to here. Later on in the year, a search engine will be added on this page to allow you to search the GIF Animation on the WWW site for specifics.

At the top of every page will be a menu of the pages available:
[Home] [Introduction] [Find] [Viewing] [Software] [Tutorial] [HTML] [Conservation] [Help] [Problems] [Technical] [Gallery] [About]

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In early '97 the site began being remodeled and updated. Some inconsistencies may be around for a little while. Bear with me.

This is the basic order of going through the site, but here is what each section offers.

Home Page

This is the only non-GIF Animation page in the menu. This is my home page for the site. It's the front door to my GIF Stuff and my genealogy pages.


Talk about the site, animated GIFs, etc. All Links should enter at this page.


A page to figure out what's here and where. If you needed to know what the FIND page is for that pretty bad. Especially SINCE YOU ARE ALREADY HERE!

User Guide

A page dedicated to how Animated looks in different browsers. The abilities of browsers, bugs between versions, etc. WHat a user will see, like and be annoyed by.

Software Toolbox

The Software Toolbox has been expanded into several pages for each software platforms. Where there we once less than six programs there are no a few dozen. GIF89a animation export filters are being built into a number of programs.


This tutorial walks you through the basics of creating an animation with GIF Construction Set for Windows. It explains along the way how GIFs works, are put together and the pitfalls that can occur when trying to get certain effects. The Tutorial needs to be updated, but it is a time consuming task, one I don't have time for right now.

HTML Coding

A quick page on how easy it is to code GIF animations onto an HTML page. Some tricks included.


A page dedicated to reducing the size of GIFs and the bad effects excessive graphics can have on a page. A number of tips that should be used by all web designers, IMHO.


The first stop for help on problems. A top ten of common errors. Some extra help and where to look for more.


Bugs and more bugs. The "Critter Report" is basically a list of problems with different versions of browsers and GIF animation programs.


"All About GIF" is a full technical discussion about the structure of information inside a GIF file. For techies and programs, it goes through the whole GIF89a specification.


The 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation was just that. When this site leaked the first public information of how to build GIF Animation for Netscape 2 betas, I created a Gallery to list sites playing with what GIF Animation could do. I wanted to encourage others with its ability. In four short months, GIF Animation went from being completely unknown to the predominant form of animation on the Web. The Gallery listing, now called Pioneer Hall, had 500 entries and I had another 800 more in my email.

In November 96, I re-opened the Gallery in a new way. Pioneer Hall will continue to hold that original listing till summer of '97. A new section, the Expo, was successfully opened. It accepts online submissions of GIFs. They are organized into categories for easy finding.

About the Site

Some words and comments about the site.

Besides these,

there is a MAIL PAGE, in case you need to get in touch with me.

A GUEST BOOK for leaving comments or seeing who's been here

And I have my entire genealogy on display.

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