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GIF89a Animation Browser Test

Welcome to...well..really nothing. I'll be adding some "tester" Animations here. In attempting to keep up with the changes in GIF89a animation, I thought up this addition to my site to isolate problems with GIF89a implementations.

These pages will test the various features available for GIF89a animation. Each feature is tested as independently as possible, allowing you to identify what features your browser supports and how well. The pages isolate features to prevent combination collisions (one error causing another feature to fail). Each test is composed of an animation that tests the most basic quality of the function.

The second phase of test, combines features in an attempt to show combinations that cause problems. Endless combinations are possible, but I'll test the most commmonly used, and some known bugs.

These pages need to be optimized to load as quickly as possible. Images are constantly reused and the pages are plain text with no flash to eliminate contributing factors. Test images are primarily 3-frame 64x64, 1-bit animations that loop five times using Netscape's Application Extension Loop Block. This means they load fast and play fast, even on 486's.

The Aptitude Test is a timed event taht takes you through the entire line of testing. Think of it as the SATs of GIF89a. Each page will load after a specific number of seconds (suggested 15 maybe 20). If animations cause the META-REFRESH counters to perform erratically, this will affect the test.

The Looney Web Page will be a torture test. If you run through the other pages first, most of the graphics will be cached allowing the torture test to run even on slower PC's.

- Royal E. Frazier

The tests will be composed mostly of simple 3 frame animations with a 1 bit, 4 bit, and 8 bit global palette. All test are set to loop 3 times using Netscape's Application Extension Loop Block.

Testing the GIF Specification

Testing the HTML manipulation of GIFs

Testing the Proprietary Extensions to GIFs

This feature will take some time to bring onilne, but it will be very useful to browser manufacturers for beta-testing their products. Perhaps some lingering bugs will go away finally.