A Note about these pages....

What started as a way to learn HTML and post my Genealogical information has become a part time job managing a tutorial and reference on GIF animation for the WWW. A lot of travel for my company derailed a lot of needed maintenance, and every once in a while I wanted to have some semblance of a life. Not a big one, just enough to stay this side of sad and pathetic.

The GIF animation stuff, I stumbled onto whie Netscape was secretly developing support in the 2 betas. I guess I unleashed this one. Was a fun experiment, and I've gotten very good reactions form a lot of people, worldwide-which is very nice.

I was able to make a lot of the changes I wanted in my Genealogical web site happen over the last months. I'm fairly happy with the results. You can download my genealogical data. My files are compressed with PKZIP for faster transmission. You can download my GEDcom file (FTP://members.aol.com/royalef - filename:frazged.zip, 19k) or my Family Tree Maker for Windows 1.01 data file (FTP://members.aol.com/royalef - filename:frazftw.zip, 48k).

Royal E. Frazier, Jr.

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The notebook lines on this page inspired me to post some old school notebook art. You know, the doodles you scrunch all your class notes around in your notebook. These are some of the more interesting ones. What can I say, sometimes school didn't quite hold my attention.